Dr. J. K. Norris, Ph.D.

MBMI Research Director & Integrative Consultant

With his penetrating intuitive insight and depth of understanding, Dr. Norris shares the discovery of leaping into the unknown of oneself to make sense of past experiences in new ways that breakthrough to inner truth. His work supports intelligent re-evaluation in times of transformation. You are coming to meet transformative beginnings through a shock initiation into the discovery of self.

Those are some keynotes of my design.

I met Human Design in 2013. Little did I know, it would become the conscious focus of my life. My Personality Moon is in 61.1 Occult Knowledge, what Ra called the “aficionado at Human Design” line (i.e., having a solid foundation of some inner truth and being an authority of that hidden mystery).

My mind has always revolved around investigating inner mysteries, and I was drawn to occult knowledge at an early age. I’ve also been a life-long musician and multi-instrumentalist, as well as an academic, studying an intersection of psychology, frequency dynamics, and consciousness transformation. I hold a Master’s Degree (M.A.) in Consciousness Studies with a graduate certificate in Dream Studies. My Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.) is in East-West Psychology, exploring the science, psychology, and mysticism of “rhythm” (or flow) related to the interpersonal dynamics of entrainment (when independent systems synchronize and become bound to form a greater whole). For many years, I worked at a prominent research and education center that explores theories of nonlocal consciousness and the science of interconnectedness. I’ve been a workshop facilitator, musical performing artist, and conference presenter, as well as the creator of Lucid Drum and the founding director of a nonprofit transformative arts community learning space.

My body, on the other hand, has lived a life with various digestive issues, food intolerances, and allergic reactions—which led to hospitalization when I was younger from my digestive system completely shutting down. While I value expediency of insight on the mental plane, how I truly meet life is through the love of the body. For me, it comes back to following the body’s law, staying rooted in the body’s experience, dealing with the physical stress of being a bio-form on the material plane, and ultimately learning how to make decisions wisely to eliminate conflict through practicality by entering into only those experiences—with food, places, people—that the body can properly digest. Living with periods of crisis in my body, the lesson has been that food (what and how you eat), environment (where you are), and people (who you are with) are the greatest keys to personal health and wellbeing.

Human Design brings this all together for me—frequency dynamics, consciousness, science, psychology, mysticism, health, food, environment, other people. It’s all there. The Bodygraph maps out your unique path toward mental, physical, and spiritual awareness. An integrative human design session with the right analyst can be like visiting your psychologist, family doctor, and shaman-priest all in one. And as a triple split definition, that 3-in-1 (mind-body-spirit) approach is precisely what I offer for every session I give.

I’m a 2/4 Triple Split Generator on the Cross of Penetration in the Quarter of Duality, motivated to dig into the truth and, ultimately, to teach what has been grasped. I was naturally called by others in my network to share this knowledge as an integrative consultant to help people deal with things that others have been unable to address, to penetrate to the core of the issue with a foundation of knowledge that can get to the bottom of things. While I remain unaffiliated with HDS organizations, I lead with a high degree of integrity staying true to the evolution of the founder’s 20+ years of official course teachings.

My training includes: all professional analyst training levels for individual analysis and relationship connections including life cycles and incarnation cross readings, primary health system (PHS) and dietary regimen, rave psychology motivation and color transference, differentiation degree program, design and personality resonance mapping, holistic analysis, dreamrave analysis, advanced mechanics, rave anatomy and biology, child development, family penta, family practice, BG5 business penta, OC16 and WA mechanics, rave sociology, rave cosmology, mechanics of sexuality, design of pregnancy, linkage and nodal story line, variables, base orientation, juxtaposition theory, global cycles, and so much more.

MindBody Mapping is my response to being asked to develop an institute to uphold the legitimacy of this knowledge and carry on its legacy through independent research and consultancy. The impact that this system can have on people’s lives is profound, particularly when getting into the deeper layers such as primary health, and it is important to me to be a resource for accurate information. Every keynote holds a particular frequency that when woven together unlocks the genetic orchestra of one’s being.

I work well with those who are ready to delve into the structure of their mind-body mechanics via an integrative health-oriented support process. My way is to stay receptive and responsive to whatever feels correct for us to holistically address. Truly, everyone is different. What my design shows is that I am here to support transformative development and share the discovery of saying yes to the love of your body, centering you back into yourself in a way that makes sense. I’m here to see the emotional conflict. I’m here to see the experiential crisis. I’m here to have an influential voice in what I can reveal.

Dr. Norris Advanced Bodygraph MMAI
Dr. Norris Advanced Bodygraph MMAI
Dr. Norris Human Design Mandala
Dr. Norris Human Design Mandala

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