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Human Design Research & Consultancy

MindBody Mapping is the art and science of Human Design analysis. The Human Design Bodygraph is a MindBody Map that visually reveals conscious and unconscious life patterns related to your personal decision-making process in support of transformative development. MindBody Mapping Institute (MBMI) is Human Design research and consultancy. Dr. Norris is the Founding Director. He offers holistic support services and integrative bodygraph analysis as a Human Design consultant for individuals, couples, families, businesses, and more.

MBMI Logo Mandala
MBMI Logo Mandala

A MindBody Map to Your Uniqueness

Know yourself. Recognize others. Feel your impact. See what's different.

Each of us has a unique way in which we are designed to be in this world and interconnect. Often, instead of being supported by others to maintain that uniqueness as our own authority, we are conditioned by others against our own nature to become something we are not. We are socially pressured by outside forces to live a life that is not ours. Such conditioning can create psychological dilemmas, internalized defenses, misguided or homogenized behavior, distraction, stress, frustration, anger, bitterness, disappointment, and physiological disease.

The only path to healing, deconditioning, and self-love is living authentically as yourself.

How are you personally designed to take in and process different energies and information? What can you rely on within yourself to make the right decisions and maintain optimal functioning? Where are your physical, mental, and emotional challenges? How does your behavior change in relationship with others? Do you know what is true for you?

Practical Tools for Embodied Self-Awareness

Imagine if you had a user's manual for how to operate correctly as yourself. With awareness comes the capacity to transcend suffering. Human Design says: "Hey, look, this is the map of who you are, and it's OK to be you. But your mind might think otherwise. And no wonder you have pain here and wounding there and trauma there, it's not your fault, you had no choice, because that's how conditioning works. So, now you can see all these places that have distorted your process, where you've gone out of tune, and here are some practical tools for realignment."

The Map is not the Territory

As a modern synthesis of many ancient wisdom traditions, the Human Design Bodygraph represents a map for consciousness, which can be analyzed at individual, relational, and global levels. It offers a personalized blueprint for the conscious and unconscious mind-body mechanics of everyday life, revealing how each of us is genetically imprinted with specific archetypes of the human experience.

But the map is not the territory. Knowing your design is simple, but living it is not easy. Conditioning is everywhere. There can be a lot of tension between your body's physical life experience and where your mind wants things to be. Your mind is not you. The body is the life. Perspective is the key.

This knowledge is not for everyone, yet it is available to anyone. It is not a belief system. It is for understanding awareness. It is about analyzing the experience of being consciousness in form. It is about nourishing your cognitive potential. It is about entering the process of reassessment and refinement for living your life authentically as yourself, one decision at a time.

The first step is that you are already here.

Ready to see what's possible?

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